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Welcome to the public face for research projects dedicated to understanding the Internet and the threats it is facing today. We strive to regularly publish new content as time permits. Stay tuned!

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A while back, we started operating an open and public resolver for the alternative DNS root OpenNIC. Soon, we discovered the invaluable insights of a single open resolver. To expand on this, we started to host more and more public resolvers.

We offer you a globally diverse network of public resolvers to use without any charge. We do not monetize the data we acquire, neither do we want to profile individuals. We are just interested in the threat intelligence aspects of DNS. We elaborate a bit more in our mission statement.

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2023-11-23: Expanded our coverage of the APAC region. We now also offer service in Australia and Singapore and hope to gain valuable insights into the DNS threat landscape. Read more…

2023-10-10: This project entered the beta phase. We have a considerably mature data pipeline which is stable enough for us to enter a public beta.

2023-10-09: This website goes live and introduces our flagship project - the public resolvers.