Privacy Policy

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We do not log or store any personal data about you when browsing our website. We are not interested in that kind of data.

Recursive Resolvers Link to this heading

We are fully compliant with the GDPR Link to this heading

This means, we do not store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in our data archives. We firmly believe in privacy regulations. Therefore, we have no interest in storing PII any longer than strictly necessary.

We do however have a short period of time in which your IP address is stored in our logs. This is required for us to detect and prevent abuse of our infrastructure.

Our data never leaves the EU Link to this heading

Our entire backend operates completely within the European Union. No data leaves the EU. Those recursive resolvers, which operate outside of the European Union communicate with our backend over state-of-the-art cryptographic tunnels.

We are not interested in personally identifiable information, nor in what an individual does on the Internet. We never try to link data to an individual.

Privacy-focused Name Resolution Link to this heading

We protect our users from leaking information via the DNS queries they run. All of our public resolvers enforce Query Name Minimization. This means, we do not forward FQDNs to the root nameservers and strip any non-necessary information from the requests.

We encrypt by default Link to this heading

Any data that is archived, is encrypted by default. Any communication between our recursive resolvers and our monitoring infrastructure is fully encrypted.

Logging Policy Link to this heading

We have a short period of time in which we keep track of your IP address and only your IP. This is solely for the purpose of detecting and preventing abuse of our services. Once the logs are processed, they are deleted or anonymized.