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Newpangea.de was a dead website for way too long until our founder Max Resing decided to make something out of it. During his MSc, he started hosting his own public resolvers to gain insights in to the public realm of DNS. Soon, we realized the data gathered by this project provides valuable insights into certain aspects of the Internet, such as DDoS targets, scanner infrastructure, etc.

This was reason enough to finally breathe new life into this dead domain name and use it as a platform to share research results. The data gathered by our global network of public DNS resolvers built the foundation of most of the work presented on this page.

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We operate these services without any charge to the open Internet. We do this, because we have the luxury of being able to afford it. In return, we ask for nothing else but for you to spread the word.

So, what do we ask for, and what do we do?

Commercial vendors and global players make use of passive DNS data collection for a long time. Specifically in countries with weak privacy laws, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have gathered domain name queries to sell them to the highest bidder. Furthermore, global cloud providers regularly publish so called Top 1M lists. This is just a byproduct of an entire threat intelligence industry based on passive DNS data collection. Since this happens even in countries with the strictest privacy regulations, it clearly shows that such an endeavour clearly works without the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

To those who are still skeptical - we do not violate your privacy or commercialize any data we get from this project. We operate this service purely with the intent to gain valuable insights into the ebbs and flows of one of the core protocols of the Internet - the Domain Name System (DNS).

Through passive DNS, we can build a research-oriented database which provides invaluable insights into the demographics of DNS. To give you examples: When was a domain name first observed? In which region was a phishing domain name most active?

Those kinds of insights are invaluable to make the Internet for it’s users a safer place. And this is exactly our motivation to run this service. Not to commercialize any of this data, but to have a platform which tracks and pinpoints cyber-security related phenomena in DNS.

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To this day, the “team” is as much as just one curious mind.

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So far, this is a solo-project operated by Max Resing. His interests lies in core protocols of the Internet, Internet infrastructure and how to measure it. He is a Master Student of Computer Science at the University of Twente. His academic background lies in Cyber Security and Data Science.

Feel free to reach out to him: